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Joe Hisaishi (Studio Ghibli) - A Symphonic Celebration LP (119€)


Limited Signed Numbered 2 Vinyl White Label + Art Card limited to 200 Copies.

Pricey but worth it for a Studio Ghibli fan like me. I had been hoping they would do a signed version when I saw the press release a couple weeks back.

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I sure hope they package these well. The one I attached looks like it has a big bend in it. And this one looks like a flimsy record mailer with no extra cardboard. No way that'll make it to America not messed up.

Hey folks,

Looking for some help/advice due to woeful customer service from Bravado about my signed art cards. I did post this on the reddit for it but thought I would post here if you had any thoughts:

I'm so incredibly frustrated by the Bravado CS team. Received the vinyls after a hefty customs charge (£55) - no signed art cards from the 2 vinyls I bought. I said I wanted a refund, so they told me to send the vinyls back. I did that paying international return at cost from UK to Germany - they never responded to DPDs requests and so now being sent back. I have now had the vinyls returned to me. 

After saying I was going to send them back (and without acknowledging) miraculously a package is dispatched from Germany. Ended up receiving 1 signed Art card which is something but they seem happy that I have that and seems to resolve all the issues despite ordering 2??? Their message "You are welcome to keep the cards signed by us or dispose of them yourself."

I have sent two emails to Bravado and Universal Music since receiving the vinyl's back but have not had any response from them. Where do I go from here?

Returns from abroad can be difficult and often information is lacking. I do think stores should provide more information about international returns, but I'm not sure there's much you can do legally about the goods being returned to the UK before DG/ Bravado took possession of them. You could try to send it again, but I wouldn't expect them to cover return shipping costs twice.

If all paperwork was in order, DPD would deliver the package, therefore I assume something was missing. Did you attach customs forms to the outside of the package stating it is a return under the exemption of import charges, with details of the contents, commodity code, value and proof of initial purchase (copy of original invoice)? Otherwise DPD would not know the shipment is a return and would try to collect import fees and VAT from them.

Thanks for getting back to me. All relevant paperwork was attached to the front of the Vinyls that were sent. I had paid customs (at cost) alongside postage from UK to Germany do dabble wammy of postage charges given I got stumped first time round too when being delivered to the UK.

Just feeling really let down by Universal and Bravado CS and now well out of the 6 months credit card claim, which was the same for everybody given it was a preorder. 



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