Hi friends!

Is it ok? Upper Deck confirmed that the item was signed 2/18/1994.. signature is in the attached photo.

Thank you very much


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It looks good to me.  UDA certs are the best...better than PSA, JSA, or Beckett.  Why?  Because an Upper Deck representative was there to witness the signing.  The only concern is whether the hologram was altered or switched.  In this case both the autograph and hologram look fine.

Thank you very much, I asked Upper Deck, they watched the pictures, they say is not a fake label and is in their database.. they could tell me the original price in 1994.. the priveate seller is cheaper now..

I'm going to take it! Thank you very much.

P.S. The other autographed helmet I asked for doesn't ship to Italy...

Looks solid to me 

Thank you for your useful feedback! 


Looks good to me.

Thank you for your "ok".

Three good feedback.. I like it.. i buy it! 


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