Hi guys, is this real Lennon?... Thanks, Timothy

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Not a typical signature.

While some artist's are rushed when trying to honor an autograph request (which perhaps this could be) rarely do they NOT sign their usual style.

I'd pass.

Thanks a lot, Jim! I'd like to see other opions if it's possible...

I don't see anything too atypical here.  

The example is consistent with Lennon's habits and handwriting.

I don't see any red flags with the lines and the ink, either.

I say it's authentic.

Not for me.

 I don't think it's genuine. It's not that close to me.

I think it is what it looks like - and it is missing 2 things I look for. Ballroom?

You're going to get a divergence of opinion with a rushed signature on a piece of paper. 

To me it looks like it was signed in a rapid and confident hand with a bit of spontaneity.  

I've got over 100 exemplars of Lennon in my file and worse examples than this have been authenticated.

Eric Goodman,

I think you’re right, that this is probably real. There are things that bother me, but when I dig deep into certain characteristics, I see some things I expect to see on Lennon autographs. 

Thanks so much Steve and all of you guys! Very interesting discussion. I'm not an expert of Lennon or The Beatles. Of course I'm able to compare it with an authentic examples of his signature and from what I've seen it's looks like on Lennon signature, but "looks like" and "authentic" it's a big difference. I can't make a decision without opinions of an experts/long-time fans of The Beatles. Anyway, now I know that even if it's an authentic it's definitely some kind atypical or unusual signature.

It would be very great if more members could join to this discussion.

It looks good to me


On first glance I’d say not genuine.  But looking deeper it does have some characteristics that one would expect to see in John’s signature.  Having said that seeing the top of the J intersect with the h in John is very rare and for that reason I’d stay away.



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