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It doesn’t look authentic to me.

I don't like it either. 

I'm not a Beatles expert. They are not on my radar at all.. ive probably devoted 10 hours total in overall research so take this with a grain of salt ..

From what I know about lennons signature, "lennon specifically" the L is usually dominant compared to ennon.. in this case, "ennon" just seems way too wide, as if it dominates the L. I hope this makes sense but thats what I see.. 

Thanks guys!

I Like it , the flow is good & from 1964 /65  , I've seen much worse Lennon's offered by top Dealers & of course genuine only to be said not right  , all depending on the signing but the smaller O in john fits nicely as a film programme from 1964 sold recently with the same smaller O in john too , Looks Good IMO & a very clear example , others might not feel the same but its genuine .

It has certain elements that look vaguely plausible but it is far too jagged to be genuine in my view.

I dont like it 

This is not real. 

Nothing is real ! 100%  .

No thanks...



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