My life changed forever on February 9, 1964.  The Ed Sullivan Shows, of course. I've been a Beatles collector, enthusiast and fan since that day.  My collection is broad and complete.  I am an empty nester with the intention of simplifying my and my wife's life.

I purchased this book/autograph in 1998. It's been displayed in my Beatle Room since then. It's time that John finds a new home and I'd like to start here.

I'm attaching three photos of his signature and one photo of the first edition book "In His Own Write".  John signed with his usual impatience using a turquoise colored ink pen, popular of the time, 1964.

I have the COA but am willing to take my lead as to its authenticity from great minds here at autograph magazine.

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Eric wrote: "+1 I have been wondering that for some time!"

Eric: I apologize for the late response. After consideration and conversation with several folks at autograph live, I’ve decided not to move forward. Although the signature appears legitimate, The COA is causing some concern.  I’m going to rethink my next move.

It is, what it is....You can rethink your next move until Doomsday, it's still the same Signature and the same COA. But, do let us know what you come up with.

what a strange discussion. COA referenced several times, and in the end, we still don't know who it is.

Not being coy, just my first time in the game.  

The COA is from Antiquities Internal:  Las Vegas, NV

Enough said?

Point taken..

Yes. Thank you, James.

Indeed. It is like an invisible rain cloud around the piece.

Edit - "...It WAS like..." - delayed response. I see it has been posted.

This is the most frustrating discussion that doesn’t have “Jerry Lee Lewis” in the title.

LOL good one Ballroom!

+1 LOL

The quick opinion on this signature from Epperson was a 'NO'. Why do I dig up an 'old thread'? The autograph was offered in Australia. Please keep your hands off it if it should be offered again somewhere.



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