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No good.

thank you, I wasnt sure, crazy how so many fakes have coa

Who wrote a COA for this poor forgery?

James, repeat this mantra: COAs don't mean squat unlesws they are from a reputable source. Zero. Less than zero, even. Any disreputable seller will be more than happy to give you a COA.

The reputable authenticators are PSA, JSA and Beckett. Personally I'll put Beckett down a notch from the other two but they're still pretty reliable. Some used to be good like Steiner, but have been compromised. Even the trusted authenticators aren't perfect, they make mistakes. Figure they're right 98% of the time and I think you'll be close. If it's going to hurt if you find out the autograph is no good, then do your research. Regardless of authentication or not.  

A COA offers no legal protection whatsoever. Completely disregard COAs that aren't from trusted authenticators.

Meggs speaks the words of the wise. There is no stronger defense than relentless self education that never ends.

thanks for info meggs

You are very welcome, James. There are some members here like Professor Longo who are quite qualified and generous with their time in helping others avoid the garbage that proliferates in our hobby. But educating yourself is the best defense!

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