Does this look genuine to those knowledgeable on Lennon? 

Thanks in advance 

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Here is a genuine post card signed during John and Yoko's bed in. A lot of similarities with the postcard you posted.

Thanks. Was this one authenticated by Frank or Tracks? 

I agree the one I posted looks reassuringly similar. My only concern is that some parts of the handwriting look a little shaky/slowly drawn. I thought it might be traced or copied from a genuine one ....

Unsure if any one has authenticated the item I posted. It is in The John Lennon Letters book. I often compare Lennon's written  items for sale via this book. 

Does the book show/mention what's on the front of the postcard? 

No mention of the front only that it is a Saville Row postcard. I have added two 1969 Apple postcards with the matching rear wording.

Apologies for the delay, I was out of the country for a few days. Those pictures are very helpful as it shows that in all likeliness, the front of the postcard should have a picture/design of some sort. I don't recall seeing blank fronted postcards before. Do you have high resolution images of the back of the two Savile Row postcards available? I wanted to compare the printed text with the one in question. I attach better quality scans - if you look closely, you can see the text has tiny breaks in it, which often appear when something is photocopied. It also confirms just how shaky the handwriting is .....

I'm now fairly confident that someone made a copy of a Savile Row postcard (which explains the blank front) and then copied the majority of the handwriting from the genuine Lennon postcard that's featured in the book. 

I do not have high resolution  images of the postcards. I have added a pic of the rear of the building postcard. I agree with you regarding the OP postcard.

Thanks Spaceman

Looks good to me. I’d love to have it. 

Thanks Mark

Looks like I’m wrong. 

Different postcards. Font and placement of text. Just pointing it out.



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