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From your photos, it doesn't look good to me. Coming from a celebrity auction would make me nervous and the scrawl doesn't match. Perhaps if you could provide another view or two with more of the entire signature detail, including the J.

I also don’t like it. The flow looks choppy to me.

I think it's OK....has a COA from Tom Fontaine.....

Wow. What a collection he has!

Tom Fontaine's a good guy, and I feel that he's careful about authenticity. I don't think it looks or flows like a genuine John Lennon, though, and the pen pressure after the J is heavier overall than I'm used to seeing from him.

Tom issued the COA in 2002 and a lot has been learned since then.

Let's see what Ballroom thinks.

If the seller bought it from Tom, the lifetime guarantee should still be in effect, and I would be surprised if Tom didn't honor it, if the piece is likely not good.

Tom knows his stuff, this one looks good to me. 

the excessive pen pressure and the Lennon do not seem typical to me. I don't care who authenticates it, I would not ever be comfortable with it.

It almost seems that John might have signed first name only and the Lennon was added later. 

can you explain that observation?

I don't see how that's possible since it's one complete signature with no breaks.

And the ink is the same in the "ohnle"

Only the "J" and "nnon" is lighter

I suppose it could be caused by the lights and photo process

After the n in John it looks like it could have been extended, the first part is definitely spot on.

Looks mighty odd to me. Does anyone have other examples with this very wobbly style of surname? I agree with Steve's point about the original sale being 16 years ago and things having moved on. 

I wonder how many people try to return items after 15+ years. Has anyone on here returned something successfully after 10 years or more? Is a lifetime guarantee transferable?

Tough one. I would lean toward it being authentic. I agree with Beatleworld that the first part looks very good. The second part obviously looks awkwardly signed, but with some good characteristics.



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