Greetings everyone! My husband suprised me with these Johnny Cash & June Carter program autographs today as a early anniversary gift and I’m so in love but I don’t want the love to blind me lol. What you guys think???

We had originally decided on a Johnny one off eBay with a “Pieces of the Past” cert. but after doing my research here I didn’t feel comfortable buying it. You guys have some fantastic information here. I’m learning a ton! Any insight is appreciated :)

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a few things the pen ink should have oxidized so I'm not sure if its a period piece signed by johnny but then again june would have signed june carter cash after 1967 or so .so johhny seems a little rushed .but should be fine.

weird as the johnny looks more like a later 1990s 2000s sig than an earlier one.just my opinion but he was on a lot of drugs back then so anything is possible

Hi John! Thanks for chiming in. Considering it’s age I too expected oxidation. Perhaps it was stored in ideal conditions which helped it out. 

Musical Mama, that is one great piece you have there. I agree with John, the autographs look authentic to me, too.

What a great anniversary present. That husband of yours is a keeper!

Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my autos Steve. Funny thing is my husband didn’t initially  realize June signed with her maiden name obviously dating the piece. I pointed it out to him and we both got even more excited. It’s a bummer I can’t display both at the same time, but maybe I’ll go the scan route as Eric suggested. 

My husband is definitely a keeper. I’ll treasure this gift forever. I think I’ve caught the music auto bug now though, so he’s in trouble hehehe ;) 

That is a really nice gift! Suggest having high res scans made of each side so you can frame the prints side by side and keep the original item out of light etc. I deliberately don't handle much of anything in a slab (plastic case) but I remember being able to use my scanner for slabbed material and getting very good results right through the slab. Enjoy your gift!

Happy Anniversary!



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