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Always a toughie. All opinions welcome.

Does anyone have access to Tricia Eaton’s signature study?


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I remember her signature study, I searched the site and the links will not work to the study. Maybe Steve can send it to you.

I think the late lamented CEAD site had the Garland study, and it was lost with the site. CEAD was a goldmine by the way and if resurrected would be a great addition to this site!

Thanks for checking.

Looks authentic imo

It looks to be carefully rendered by someone other than Judy, imho.

This example (second) wad sold by an UACC/AFTAL dealer and the dedicated one is mine.

The OP is signed in fountain pen. 

Thanks to those who offered opinions. Personally, I’m on the fence. I like the “Judy” more than the “Garland” and the “Garl” more than the “and.”

Further opinions still appreciated 

I would pass hard on the OP.


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