Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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Thanks for the heads-up. Saw the announcement on instagram earlier, but didn't know what timezone they'd drop. Decided to risk it on one. Supposedly the net proceeds are going to First Responders Children's Foundation which at least slightly eases the sting if it ends up being an autopen.

Heads up to everyone else, fine print says "Limited to 4 per customer." instead of the normal "Limited to 4 music items per cart." like it normally does.

I bought 2 from arianas shop and 3 from Justin’s shop. Will it affect anything since I bought more than 4?

no I don’t think so, people have bought 8 by checking out twice on the same site so you should be fine 

Sadly US only.

Would have liked one for the collection

So frustrating we don’t get UK artists do this to get to number 1 here. 

I'll give this a 5% chance of being real but I gambled on it. Least it's going to a good cause if I get ripped off. 

since its US only it has more of a chance of being authentic and Ariana has been great with all her other signed items sold through her site.

but that also means I can’t get one

Pretty obvious what is going on in the music industry these days.  With all these cheap 'signed' pre-orders, it assures an artist a big number of units moved and a chart placing.  Now, especially with people at home, this is becoming a popular way to sell music.  Its too bad many of these turn out to be not hand-signed. a real shame, taking advantage of the situation folks are in and collectors who want a real hand signed item.  We order and we have no clue until months later when these things show up if they are real or not.  So far, the cheap prices have been a red flag. I hope they do the right thing with this one.

Yup i also went ahead and ordered 4 knowing there is very little chance of them being real, these are also from UMG like the Lady Gaga ones so they will probably scam me back to back but worth a shot for the price. if anyone did want more than 4 though i noticed they are on sale in both Beiber's and Ariana Grande's stores so you could probably order 4 in each, i ordered 2 from each just to see if there is any difference.   

if any kind soul is selling after it arrives, please let me know haha

I can buy one for you if you want <3

u gotta tell me now tho cuz any second it can be sold out 



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