Kate Bush - Signed Books Available On Friday 20 Jan at 9am (Waterstones, Rough Trade & Selected Independents)

A very limited number of signed copies will be released and can be pre-ordered from selected bookshops and record shops, from 9am on Friday 20th January (UK only).

NME state Waterstones and  Rough Trade will be two of the bookshops.

How To Be Invisible: Selected Lyrics - Paperback | Kate Bush

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Link of the year Steve81!

God bless you Steve and of course all of you !!! Must have got one from waterstones by the skin of my teeth !!!! As 2 min later went back to the link once I got my order conformation for the signed copy and wasn't available !! Feel like taking the day off work now as just completely over the moon !!!!! Fingers crossed no cancellations on these ! Waterstones are normally spot on !

I'm surprised only 1 bookshop had these and so many record shops .... 

Recordstore.co.uk just had these very briefly too…

What ?? That's insane as the amount of times I'm on there and they will now and again have something I like but  i would never even think to try there lol

Yeah, it was the first thing on their homepage this morning actually! It sure is an intriguing list of stockists - not sure quite why there are two different indie record stores in Leeds with signed copies for example… 

Well, I suppose now we better all start purchasing UV lights and looking for one of these ‘secret’ messages that they’ve been referring to Kate having written in random copies!

Can you post the link please?

Thanks, appreciated.

I had a bit of a moan up to RT about the limit being 3.  Looks like it's now changed to 1 (despite not having any stock).  Maybe they'll add more? Who knows??

They also just sent an email saying "come complete we've got a few left!". Err no

Looking forward to see who receives the Invisible ink messages and what she writes



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