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Hi again! So I got a funko from the Keaton signing from celebrity Authentics. Long story short the coa is on this database but the picture is not my signature. It looks like this picture was used in the preorder or an item they have in their store. I did do a quick opinion from Swau and they said it was likely genuine. I am probably worrying to much but I am wondering if this could be a red flag? 

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You're not worrying too much. If the photo in their database is not what you bought, your piece is tainted for life. If they won't put your exact piece with your COA, file a claim for refund with your credit card company, PayPal, etc.

That looks a lot like another Michael Keaton posted here. Did you post it before?

Yeah I did. Swau said it was likely genuine 

There faq says 

Due to a high number of products we typically get signed, we use a stock image of each item to be used for authentication of your piece.

This sounds pretty shady but again Swau said it’s legit. You did say that Swau is pretty good right?

"Due to a high number of products we typically get signed, we use a stock image of each item to be used for authentication of your piece."

Incredible.I imagine you paid well for this, but at this point you could have just bought (a genuine) one from a dealer and had it authenticated. What Steve said is true. I would get a refund, although I see nothing at the site about that - just "all sales are final". I also recall it was observed this was very sloppy and not one that some would accept from such a signing.

"This number can then be validated through our online Authentication Database to verify the authenticity of your item, presenting full signing details for your collectible including the date and location it was signed along with photo/s of the Talent singing the item"

That is not quite what you have, is it. Stock and generic photos are more at home on eBay or the like. You cannot verify anything with a stock photo. 

So I should get a refund on it? Even though Swau said it was legit? I’m confused, I didn’t get this through eBay or 3rd party dealer. This was directly with ca and the Swau quick opinion said it was likely authentic. Isn’t Pete Bendu the one who Authentics the quick opinions? Sorry I’m a little confused and I’m not flowing you. It’s early and I haven’t woken up yet.

How would I get a refund on it? They aren’t going to take it back and I’m not sure what I would have to present to PayPal/my bank that would make them issue me one. Any suggestions? Would it be worth going to ca and telling them if they don’t refund me I will contact the bbb? I did check their site and didn’t see on gridoniron or ca.

As I mentioned, "all sales are final". Since the text about you getting a stock photo is on the site I don't know what grounds you would even have. It appears you got what you paid for - albeit sloppy and unverifiable.

How much did they charge for this?

Well, as CA it states "all sales are final" so I don't see how that will work, especially for this reason. Not many will buy from any quick opinion - it is not full authentication as mentioned in your other Keaton thread. Quick opinions are rendered quickly - not "authenticated".

Sorry - I thought you could get a refund from this outfit. They state you can't and that stock photos will be used on the site for you to see before buying. Imagine if you sent in something other than a Funko - the "verification" pic would be worth even less.

I think if it was a send in there wouldn’t be anything. I have coa from other places like jsa and Beckett and none of them have pictures either. What the difference? 

You can get a full LOA with a photo of the exact signed item and the sticker on the cert from those TPA's. 

SWAU is good, not a big fan of CA



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