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I wanted to get opinions on this Keith Richards signature.  For the most part it looks OK but I also wanted to know if anyone is familiar with the autopenned books that I thought I had read about at one time, was wondering if this might be one of them. 

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As in the "c" in Richards?  I see it now.

You got it. The "th" shows it plainly as well.

Looking at this signature would it be fair to say that Keith was not able to take the time to actually sign his high dollar limited edition slipcase version of his book:


Yup,sure looks like it!


Hi steve.  I can see that the sig doesnt' look right to be real; - but what do you mean please by the hard stop etc  please as it is good to know for other items that I have seen that I believe to be autopen?  thanks

An Autopen signs with a mechanical armature that follows a preset pattern. It uses a real pen attached to the end. So envision how it signs...

The armature lowers straight down and there us a slight pause. It begins signing until it hits the end of a stroke. It stops, there is a slight pause, and it raises straight up. Repeat this process for every stroke in the signature.

What you get is an ink dot at those pauses at the beginning and end of the strokes. This is especially evident when a pen is used that has a heavy ink flow. The other effect you get is because the armature raises and lowers straight up and down at a 90 degree angle, there are no tapered beginnings or endings of strokes. Just the dot.

You can see this throughout the Richards signature above.

Thanks for the education Steve.  I was going to ask you the same question Michelle did.

Here's one that isn't an autopen, posted in the other discussion. The image is huge--click to see hi-res and you can see the differences:



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