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Nice find. I don’t recall seeing of his signed items in the past.

Thanks! Got one too.

Ugh Universal Music Group. At least without the digital download we should be able to get full refunds if the autographs are bad.

Not to either stereotype or beat a dead horse, but it probably is also worth pointing out that country music represents one of the most problematic genres when it comes to autographed preorders in terms of authenticity.

Really? Why's country one of the most problematic? I don't really listen to/buy country, but for some reason I assumed country artists would be better to their fans.

I'd have though so too, but they seemed to have a higher percentage of autopens in contrast to non-country acts at a comparable level. Several of them were admittedly older acts who probably just couldn't be bothered (Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Switt, etc), but several younger acts were playing the same game as well (Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flats, Chris Lane, etc). 

here is keith signing a bunch and had a lot more on the chairs so these should be real


Looks like these are sold out.

Recordstore UK has them (signed card + CD) for far cheaper - only $11.99 for the combo, and still in stock.


Looks like that one is a bonus totebag instead of a signed insert?


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