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Received my CD today but with no signed art card. Will have to contact Warner Music. 

did you open it? mine was inside behind booklet.

Hi, Thanks for the clarification. I thought we would get a CD + separate art card. That is why I didn't open it originally. I just did now and it was there. 

Have a great weekend - Happy Easter :)

no problem, have a good friday and easter sunday yourself. I was a little worried too, but I think the original picture uploaded from the other day was the art card on top of the open case. I really didn't want to open it and was hoping the signed card was right there in the case on front, but oh well. I get to listen to the CD now. I was a huge kenny fan years back, saw him like 8-9 years straight, but then he priced me out and sort of went a little too commercial. I enjoyed his shows until he started hawking his products and did very little fan interaction. if we had cell phones to record back then, I think it would be night and day on his stage presence. 

Received mine.

So, we are thinking these look legit? I don’t see any issues when the few posted so far

I think they're good from his "K" and the "C", 

Usually signs a wider signature, but decided to compress it in under the album title. I wish they would have shrink-wrapped it with the art card out front, but I'm happy nonetheless. 

 I think they looked good from the ones I've seen too, and the fact that I passed on them means they are definitely 100% legit lol. I wanted to pull the trigger but I bought 4 of his previous album that were identical autopens so it scared me off. I'm glad they appear to be real for those of you who took the chance



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