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From here those appear facsimile.

I don't see where it says Australia only but couldn't get it to go through to the U.S., 


More signed stuff is available at the UK store folks...


delivered today ordered one of each set but all just thrown into the envelope really poor the signed cards arrived in sealed plastic however due to the nature of it all being loose inside has arrived not flat. one of the cds arrived with a tiny crack on the cover side magic that the rest appeared to arrive without damage.

Can you share pictures?

US store order just arrived, 

 in an oversized yellow slightly padded envelope, no additional packing, but no damage-- 

signed on the booklet fronts, all shrinkwrapped with a different back barcode sticker - just the way I like it.

(plus, received several single download links prior to, which wasn't necessary, but a nice bonus)

My arrived like others have mentioned…somewhat thick envelope with “do not bend” sticker on the back of it. 



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