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Def Leppard announcement on the Rock N Roll Channel on TalkShopLive on Sheryl Crow's show live tonight in 10 minutes 7:30pm ET

EJ- your wish has come true. I was able to secure the Doobie Brothers on Wednesday, May 4th at 1:30pm EST. The books are on sale now and signed (bookplates) limited by Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons.

On the Rock and Roll Channel on TalkshopLive

Steve/TSL, You're The Best...Thank You!

Now if you can get Ann Wilson to sign some of hers,lol!!!

Thanks for the great idea (Doobies), EJ.

Happy Ann is appearing on our show. Who knows, if it goes well, we'll ask for her back on...see where it goes. 

Enjoy the Doobies show and book!

Any update on Def Leppard?

Hi Julio,

We hope to announce a week from Tuesday news on Def Leppard.


did you get you copy EJ?

Steve,Of course! Actually I bought two. One to give my brother who turned me onto them decades ago,lol. Keep Rockin' Steve... your site is the best on the web. EJ

Thanks EJ!!

Any chance there will be a restock or more inventory available for Def Leppard due to limits on orders?  I missed this because my water heater broke and I was trying to mitigate the damage. Feeling kind of crushed right now. 

Sorry to hear. We are hopeful to get more signed. Hope you are able to secure a copy. 

This website only ship to us no?


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