Hi all, I am new here as well. I unfortunately got caught up in the excitement and bought a Kobe ovation card on amazon last Sunday. I know can’t even find the company or any other info. Card seemed “off” to me from the time I got it but what do I know?? Can someone please take a look and give me your thoughts?? I really appreciate it. I am thankful I can return it if needed and definitely will if it doesn’t seem legit. Thank you,


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You have one of the forged counterfeit versions.

Unfortunately, it is one of the forged/counterfeit versions.

I have heard that some people bought the forged/counterfeit version from Revolutionary Marketing on Amazon.

Report it to Amazon immediately and get your money back!!!

Thanks a lot Chris! Yes, I think it’s a bogus company called “Revolution Sports Marketing” which of course I should have done my due diligence beforehand but I definitely learned from this!! I am starting the refund process now and will write to amazon separately too to let them know of the fraud. Thanks again!!

You're welcome, Julianne.

I mentioned "Revolutionary Sports" in one of my previous comments.

Others have been ripped off by them.

I am sure Amazon will refund you.

Good luck.

Thanks Chris, yes they went by the name revolution sports marketing for my order but I am sure both are bogus names. Thanks again!

You're welcome.

Let us know the outcome.

Great work again Chirs and hopefully, you'll have no issues getting a refund. The signature is  not right either IMO and based on the card being fake it's a guarantee the signature will be. This site is so good to help stop these fakes

Thank you, Dan.

We have to continue exposing this garbage.

So wait, you guys can tell the card is fake too?? How do they reproduce the UD hologram so well??? What a shame this is...I am wondering if I can leave comments on all the eBay sales/auctions out there with fake autographs, or maybe report the sellers? I looked yesterday. There are SO many right now, it is awful!

Yes.  The source has also counterfeited cards of Jeter, Mays, Koufax, Starr, Unitas and others.

I posted blogs on all of them.

So the refund is approved by Amazon. I am sending the fake card back today. Address given is:

Jim Stratton

6711 Durian Trail

New Port Richey, FL


Good stuff and at least Amazon were fast to process. Sadly, this card will probably end up on Craigslist or eBay when they get it back


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