I'm wondering if anyone knows "the story" behind what I perceive as the "GFA Koufax forgeries."  At least to my eye, these stick out like a sore thumb when browsing eBay....the shape of the "S" is always too angular, the "x" is always wrong, and the signatures all look stilted and exactly the same.  Were they done by a machine, or just someone who was very consistent?  I also see the same "style" on signatures authenticated by a "Chris Morales."  Are they related to GFA?  I'm seeing more and more of them, so I was just curious what the story is, and if they are still being produced, or is it just a coincidence that a lot of them are currently on the market.....thanks.

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Can you post a few examples?

Hi, if these files load correctly: "GFA3" is the prototypical example; note the funky, too-squared-off "x" that appears in all three examples, and again, the non-Koufax style of the "S" in all three.  I might add that "GFA1" is shaky and seems to be slowly drawn (guess I've answered my own question about a "machine"....).  There are also GFA balls on eBay with the same characteristics in the signature.  It seems like the same person is cranking these out; I'm wondering if these have "been around" for a while or if someone is still creating them.....I'm relatively new to AML, but have seen some very specific "condemnations" about Mantle, DiMaggio, etc., as was just curious about these "Koufax" items.......

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