I thought I'd go ahead and start a post specifically on the Lady Gaga autographed CD preorder from Looney Tunes CDs. There seem to be some concerns about the authenticity of at least some of the signed CDs - perhaps an entire batch.

Please post your own CDs that you've received and what "batch" you received it in, as we try to sort this out.

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Good man, Rich.
It wasn't a witch hunt against Adam.
We're all brothers here and have respect for one another.
No issues! We all just want the truth I know and no one wants to find that an artist or place is ripping you off.

I will take some new pictures in the morning.

Thanks for starting the discussion Rich.

1st batch

The best I could do. This is 2nd batch. The biggest inconsistencies are the X and Os. The slant still appears left handed and same seperation in Jo and anne. The Js are different too. Thicker marker.
Here is something someone else put together.

I haven't gotten mine yet. Although it would have looked much nicer if she would have signed it with a dark marker instead of the silver. 


Right. Dont get why she used silver on this. 

Here is one I received in the first batch. It seems different unfortunately.
I was not trying to start a witch hunt on Adams post, I just was wondering if anyone else noticed the difference, I just figured the forum is about authenticity and wanted to throw my observations out there
lol Adam I thought you weren't worried about if it's real or not, but I did make you skeptical. It's crazy the little differences in the graphs we have compared. I hope their not secretarial and legit but those evidence may be stating otherwise.



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