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Trust me, I already requested a refund

Hope this isn't a sign of all the US orders. 

omg... I’m sorry you received that

Is this from the U.S site ?


Wow - when they refunded people for buying more than 1 it seemed like they would be legit. I mean they could still be and she is simply sick of signing but none of us will ever know the truth.

All the US orders look like this, pictures collected on Twitter:

Hopefully they refund for the digital copy too. Every one one of these preorders I've returned theyve made me pay return shipping and take the digital copy cost out of the refund. I'm sending mine back if they look like this. Even if she did "sign" these they aren't autographed she wrote an L... for the L we took buying these.

OMG what a waste or time and money for this, If mine look like that I'm sending them back also and write on her website this is a disgrace But I guess this is what i'm receiving to

Does anyone know exactly how long after receipt we have to return items (to the US store)? I feel like I read 60 days somewhere, but that seems long.

Okay, so this guy on Twitter probably got the worst one.




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