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I got excited because I caught this right after you posted it but when I tried to order the Vinyl the Shipping was $10 more than the vinyl so then I tried to order a couple of Cd's from the other link and it was $40 shipping for 2 Cds, good find but too rich for me lol

If you order from Bravado they only charge shipping on the first one... It was like 32.99€ for shipping. So I bought 3 copies. Ended up only being about $40 shipped each for the vinyl and signed art card. I can sell the vinyls and maybe 1 signature and get my money back and get at least 1 free signature that way. Just an idea... Now I just hope they're real. 

yea that's a good idea, I actually already ordered the cd with the signed card the first time around and was going to grab the vinyl with the signed 12x12 sleeve but like you said, not even sure they will be real so I don't want to spend that much, I don't know how she's been lately but I remember her putting out autopens years ago around the same time Demi was doing hers. 

Yeah she's been off and on for real and fakes. I think the last album was all real. But they sold out much faster. The fact the 12x12 sold out quick made me feel a little better about them... But will definitely suck if fake since the return would be to Germany. If it's fake I'll probably just file a claim with my credit card and hope I don't have to return or just sell the vinyl for whatever I can get and cut my losses on the rest. I got the CD also but figured I'd have slightly better chance that one of the two is real if I got both. 

Yea you know between all the aggravation of wondering if your gonna get yet another autopen and the fact that half the time they are signing postcards instead of the actual Cd or vinyl, my mind is telling me that this hobby just isn't as enjoyable as it once was and I should just quit, but I just can't bring myself to do it lol. I'll just keep dealing with the fakes, delays, and returns and hope that since they know that more and more of us are catching on to their scam that it will go back to the way it was one day. 

Yeah its definitely not as fun with knowing half the preorders might be fake if they're a big name... Or take 2 years to get or something... 

But I guess even ordering off eBay you really can't be certain if a signature is real or not... Even with PSA or Beckett COA. Could just be a good fake (or bad) that passed. So really unless you get in person you really never know 100%.

I still usually only buy with a PSA JSA or Beckett COA if I do buy online... More as an insurance policy that it'll more than likely always be worth something if I need to sell it... Since if it has a COA, it makes it real in people's minds... Regardless if it actually is... But it's a weird hobby, just gotta roll with the punches sometimes, that's for sure. 

In my opinion, artist merch stores are more reliable than PSA, Beckett, their marginal competency on music autographs and their numerous conflicts of interest. JSA has crapped the bed with music so routinely, I don't even count them anymore.

At least with artist merch stores, when there is a problem it's easier to identify, thanks in large part to social media. Autopens are still a generally easy call, and stamps - though rare - are even easier (I still can't believe Tate and her team did that). Ghost signers typically don't have the skill of pro forgers. 

Lana's always been great. I think the ghost signer issue from a few years back was something she was genuinely oblivious to until someone showed her the problem a bit more clearly.

So the question is who's handling it. If it was entirely in Lana's hands, I doubt there'd be much to worry about.

Yea I didn't actually buy one of those Lana ones back then, I had bought the Demi Lovato Autopens and just remember reading an article online that said both Demi and Lana were caught selling their fans fake Autographs, it was actually that article that made me realize that the 4 signed Demi cds I bought were identical and before that I didn't even know Autopen was a thing. 

I agree because I got real ones from that resell but had to wait a year and a half... I think once she found out they were faking her signature she stopped them and signed the rest which must have taken her forever to do.

I seen her in concert once and unfortunately it was freezing out and I didn't bring my winter coat into the concert so I didn't go outside to her tour bus... But I looked on social media afterwards and she came out and spent quite a long time with fans taking pics and signing stuff. I still slap myself for not going out there. I didnt have anything with me to get signed anyway though... But judging from that she seemed like she was really good to her fans... And I think all her other preorders besides that one were real. For her book she didn't release any signed ones but did that single signing at a Barnes and Noble. So it seems she's more on top of it now... At least we can hope. 



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