LAURENCE OLIVIER- Second Opinions (Any Help Appreciated)

Hello Everyone,

I am seeking to add a Genuine LO autograph to my collection. I already have a Vivien amongst others but I am unsure which out of the four options I'll attach, I should go after.

Anyone with experience in collecting Laurence Olivier autographs or SP's, please check this thread and let me know your thoughts.

Photo 1- 1945 Laurence Olivier SP (please don't mind the companies watermark)- the seller (Eaby- George-Houle-books-autographs 100% reviews)

Photo 2- Laurence Olivier from HD-history Direct (Item HFSID152683)

Photo 3- Laurence Olivier collab with Joan Fontaine rare, The seller (Regans

Photo 4- Really nice piece, collab signature from 1951 with Vivien Leigh on 'Program' from History Direct (Item# HFSID 76408)

I appreciate anyone who helps out 


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No question number 2 - blast contrast on early likely quality/double weight portrait on matte paper.

And it is a nice signature.

Of the four I personally would prefer Number 2. I assume it's an 8x10?

I took it to be a photo card UK size. Looking at the margins I'd say 8x10 as well.

Hello Joe,

Yes, It is an 8x10, which is great. Do you have any idea when this might of been signed?

I'd go for the Olivier/Fontaine.  First... for the full name signature.  Second... because I'm a Hitchcock fan and just love joint signed photos in general.

I go for fountain over ball point. Number 2's signature would be visible from some distance - not so of the dual signed. The eye goes first to Fontaine's signature in black felt tip - I'd prefer something vintage signed. YMMV.

Number 2 for me, great image and signature

I thought #2 was a photocard - it is indeed an 8x10 which means it has a huge signature! Superb example all around!

In my opinion, the larger question about #2 is not size but authenticity.  It's from among about 120 Olivier pieces from HFS still left from the days when they were actively acquiring material.  

#2 looks to be a very low definition reproduction photo.  Compare it to the same image on what appears to be an original photograph from the fountain pen era (it's also from the HFS listings):


Do you recommend I inquiry HD for some clear scans of the image?

Yes. HD scans can be way off.



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