Is this Led Zeppelin real??? Supposedly signed in 1971. It has passed PSA Quick Opinion. Any opinions and feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! 

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The Page and Plant look strange -- never seen them sign like that. And all of them look like they were signed yesterday. 

There’s no proof that this is the item that passed a Quick Opinion, or that someone didn’t simply print their own Quick Opinion result.

Here is the PSA Quick Opinion that comes with it.

Thanks. There’s nothing to show that it’s an actual Quick Opinion for that particular item.

All no good Imo 

People are printing up their own PSA Cert Card and Stickers.  Even easier to print up a fake quick opinion letter. 

These look fake to me.

I agree fake too crisp and clean 

This is beyond fake.  Not even close!

Look at the h in Jones signature and the h in Bonhams, all in same hand.

Thanks for all your opinions and feedbacks !!! AML is the best !!!!

cigs look wierd ink is very strage

way to clean for jinkie and in one straight line no pun inteded

looks like a transfer and placed there if they pass qucik pinion



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