Curious of opinions on these vintage Led Zeppelin Signatures?

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Brilliant work-

Thanks Corey. 

A couple of thoughts:

One has to wonder how someone so obviously gullible (naive, vain, dumb?!?) could accumulate (and keep) that size of an estate. I'd be willing to bet if anyone had seen that collection (while delivering pizza, for example) and told the owner it was all fraudulent garbage - he'd have had you arrested.

I don't blame the estate company so much as it's their mission is to maximize the bottom line (and their commission). But by charging prices shown in the photos without obviously checking for authenticity, they'd might want to double check their liability as someone is going to be pissed.

I personally put the Zeppelin signed album on hold for an hour and paid the Epperson $15-

i figure $1995 was obviously a great deal for a real LP-

not familiar with old Led, it’s worth the $15-

im tempted to go back and offer them $50 per guitar and I will wipe em all clean with 90%



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