I'm new to JFK and from my early research it appears that he's very tough to authentic, with numerous secretarials and an ever changing autograph.

Keen to know what any experienced JFK hands make of this signed photo?


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It was purportedly signed in Dublin during his Irish visit of 1963.

You wish

Thanks, that's incredibly helpful of you. 

Hello and welcome! There are several threads here about this autograph for you to look over and study:

JFK threads here at ALM

Thank you Eric, I will start the long road to education!

Well, if I were familiar enough with this signature I'd give an opinion. It doesn't look like much I have seen is all I will say. RE "long road", shortcuts are best avoided on the road to education ;) Unless you have a great mentor. Some newer collectors have a "great dealer" instead - that doesn't always go so well...Self-education (extensive, ink, papers, styles, secretarials, - all) and buying later are best IMO. Others here are good with Presidential material and may well chime in.

I meant to say: in my opinion this is not in the hand of JFK

This is 100% secretarial JFK.

You are right on the money. Secretary No.6 would have given you a bonus point. 

So there you have it. It's a secretarial.

Damn, I wanted that bonus point!  Lol.  So no. 6 out of what?  Is it 17 different secretarials?

I think it's 15. You get the bonus point for being so close

Now, this is for the car and a luxury holiday. What were their. Names?


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