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Um...  If it were authentic, it wouldn't be in the Latin alphabet. It would be in Rok Rune. And likely carved into a rock. 

Um... I've never been anything but polite on this site and although born and raised oilfield, it's usually not in my nature to instigate, but I just have to ask. Are you serious? I think you have Leif the Lucky from 1000 + years ago confused with Leif Erickson, the actor who starred in High Chaparral, Gunsmoke, and other westerns. If you were making a joke, it might help to put LOL or haha or something to let the other person know that you are just kidding around. If I missed the mark, I will apologize immediately. If you're just being rude, I'm not your guy. Have a good day.

Scott, can you post a better image?  The “Erickson” is cut off.

Yes sir, I'm heading to the office now and I will retake the picture of that postcard with every signature visible. I really appreciate the help. Thank you and I will get that picture posted ASAP.


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