Lewis Capaldi - Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent - Signed CD


he said on Twitter there are 2000 of them in the store

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thanks for link--

Talented kid with some good songs, but hard to be proud of this scribble (which is why I passed on the pre-album single)

yeah, I wasn't familiar with him but there was a buzz about these on Twitter so I figured someone must like him. I've been buying so much lately that I need to slow down and stick to the bigger names for a while. I'm talking to you Bono lol

Scottish kid who had a big first single on his previous album, 

Kind of helped along by Ed Sheeran, he has a similar kind of audience. I saw him a couple years ago at a radio gig and he was nice enough and friendly and he signed my first CD, so I bit on this new one, as that new "Forget Me" single is pretty good.

This Forum is killing my wallet lately....!

Forget Me' CD Single - signed UK only £3.99 (delivery from £1.95)

Official EMI Records store

Also from Germany-based Bravado (so not VAT for EU customers): https://www.bravado.de/p50-a157331/lewis-capaldi/index.html . Bravado is an official Universal partner, and I have purchased from them before without any issues.

They have both the "Forget Me" single and the upcoming album on CD and vinyl and as bundles - the CDs come with a signed artcard, and the vinyls have a signed sleeve (single 7" has artcard though).

guessing this is a restock since he just tweeted that signed albums just went live, but not sure https://shoplewiscapaldi.com/

Apparently he has Tourette's so it may read "F#ck  You".

I would actually like to have one of those - let me know where applicable.


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