Liam Gallagher - Signed art card with vinyl bundle

C’MON YOU KNOW Exclusive Vinyl Book Pack + Signed Card – Warner Mus...

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Thanks, shipping cheaper too

I got this one. Hopefully a CD (cheaper) version is released on the EU/UK site too

I hope so too

Do you have europe link ?

Missed this comment, looks sold-out now. Thanks for posting, let's hope more countries will get this available. $90AUD is a little too much for me with import. My last order from Australia did not go smooth.

It arrived this morning, it seems to come with the same art card as the CDs

Thanks !!....grabbed a couple...£67 odd inc shipping is not too bad for both.....

Thanks for sharing! 

Not ordered all the way from OZ before……here’s hoping all goes well. 

I did for the signed Coldplay CD a while back and it was absolutely fine, albeit slightly late.

Appears to have been a restock.  Currently there are four options (2 x vinyl, 2 x CD) with signed cards 

Liam Gallagher – Warner Music Australia Store

Thanks for the heads-up. I tried to order a CD but it says cannot ship to my address. I tried a ship to for the U.S. as well as the U.K. and it bombs out. I threw in the towel. I guess I am not meant to get one of these.

Take Care!



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