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I didn't know about that one.. ill add it to the list of many.. last night I was up late trying to sleep and clicked on their link I saved as a bookmark.. haven't done that in months.. the 1st thing I see is Nikki sixx for $100.. I shook my head and clicked off.. 

That is a good point.. talkshoplive has shown they are trying to learn how to be fair but keep making mistakes along the way. You are right. This decision could go higher up than just talkshop

Yes, we were already charged that price so they do have to honor that price.  

Now this is getting weird. They just lowered the price of the vinyl down to 39.99 and the CD down to 14.99. People must have complained.  Still not down to the original price though of 34.99 for the vinyl and 11.99 for the CD 

We know they lurk on here, just as premiere does.. its possible they are reacting to comments. I dont blame them, a company should monitor what their buying demographic thinks.. but it proves they are probably manipulating prices themselves...

Just a ?? Does the cd come with the signed art card also the signed poster "limited"?

The CD does come with a signed art card and the poster is unsigned and limited to the first 500 orders 

Thats what I thought but you can hear the lady say the Poster will be signed.  Guess time will tell what happens.

If thats the case, that would be great getting two signed items 

If you ordered this from TSL, you will be receiving TWO autographed items. Looks nice, very happy with this 

I received my CD order today. Received both. Very pleased! TalkShopLive hit a home run on this one. The signed art card insert for the CD is smaller than the CD booklet…


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