what kind of price would be reasonable for this?

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may i ask what is it supposed to be and is it from philly or england

London actually.  here is the blurb

Feed The World (Incredibly rare AUTOGRAPHED 2004 UK 88" x 64" white PVC promotional banner issued to promote the re-recording of the classic 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. Issued in very limited quantities, this impressive unused banner features the iconic 'Feed The World' logo designed by Markus Newman and has been signed by three arists in the original project Bono, Bob Geldof & Midge Ure, along with producer Nigel Godrich, sound engineer Harry [Sutcliffe] and Fran Healey from Travis

these are my personal opinons becuase its not from the original live aid  the banner adds really no value also another negative is its way to big to display for most collectors with really no big autographs.

personaly the only autograph worth any money is bonos, the rest are either worthless or 50$

i would put the piece at 250$-350$ on a good day in america,u might get more for it in england were they know who midge ure is

thanks John.  Actually Midge Ure was in Ultravox and the founder along with Bob Geldolf of the original Live Aid

i know who midge ure is but in america people dont care thats why i said it might be worth more in london becuase they care about geldolf and midge more than we do

yeah you are probably right; thanks anyway for your help



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