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What year are these allegedly being released? After her last Fiasco i'm steering well clear! 

What happened? Fancy one but $16 shipping is putting me off….

Supposedly in 3-5 weeks. For $11 total shipped in the US i went for one.

Is Lizzo the one that kept pushing things off and made people wait well over a year for the vinyl, or am I misremembering?

Life saver, thanks

based on some of the comments, pass for me 

I’m guessing if it’s an official single with an official release date, these will be shipped during release week, a strategy well known by current artist to increase sales and chart position. 

My worry is that they’re actually signed and not autopenned. 

Either way, I purchased one. 

ps. Shipping is based per item. 

1x $4.10

2x $8.20

and so on…

Yeah.  I thought it was BS that they didn’t combine shipping if you bought multiple.

I couldn't believe this offer was still available at around 11:30 PM PST! It makes me a little suspicious but I caved and bought it! 

Hopefully she’s not a flash in the pan and this ends up being a missed opportunity I went in for 4!

Back in-stock on European store...


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