Hello, I've had this autograph in an autograph book for several months, but I' m still not sure if it genuine or not. I made 3 attachements of her original autographs. Compare them please with mine. I need as much opinions as possible. Thank you.

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Thank you for your answer! Bette Davis had such a "childish" signature to me and most of her original signatures that I've seen look so different- that I still can't say for sure that this autograph in the autograph book is fake.

Here's the list of Bette Davis' secretarial http://www.isitreal.com/index.php?option=com_mtree&task=viewlin...

I've bought this autograph book on Ebay UK for less then 5 pounds. I needed to take a quick decision, as the auction was ending. And the only reason why I decided to buy it, as the seller wrote that there were some unidentified signatures in the book. Also there are many poems and they dated from 1940 to 1943- I think the autographs were taken at the same period. I didn't succeed to find out whose signatures there were...but I do not regret about the purchase, even if all the signatures are fake. This is a part of collecting autographs: I've looked through so many different beautiful Bette Davis photos and read so many interesting about her- and I think I would never do that without this strange autograph.

Yeah, I thought of sending it to PSA/DNA - if I send, I will write about the results. Thank you for your opinion!


I am sorry to say that this is a forgery.

The Signature does not match the known published authentic exemplars of a Bette Davis Signature.

Also compared it to late authentic exemplars from 1985 thru 87 and still no match.



Thank you for your opinion! But I was ready for this being a forgery. So, no regrets. As i wrote I paid for it about 8$. JSA takes 20$ for Bette Davis, but I think they'd do the same job with such an autograph as we do- just quickly compare it with the authentic exemplars. It's better to have more opinions on this autograph in here.

Can you post your Davis? Your comments are cause for alarm.

This is definitely NOT signed by Bette Davis. 

This is the most absurd childish attempt I have ever seen! Good heavens! TM? Ugh.

Look at any of these...

Bette Davis at thecead.com




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