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Looking to try and see the validity of my Linda and Paul McCartney signatures

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They look authentic to me. I moved this to the Beatles forum.

That’s cool thank you! I've had this since 2016 when my dad passed away. He never showed me or brought it up and I didn’t realize it was signed till late last year. Any suggestions on where I can go or send it to get authenticated? But I appreciate it, it’s my first time sorry about that.

No problem at all. Let’s wait for some more opinions and then we can discuss submitting it for authentication.

Sounds good, thanks again.

Your main options are PSA/DNA, JSA, Beckett Authentication, Roger Epperson/REAL and AutographCOA. The first three in my opinion don’t have the best track record with Macca, especially PSA/DNA, but generally seem to be the most popular. REAL and ACOA are more trustworthy in my opinion, with the latter being a newer service.

Thank you!

I have this Linda by JSA

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I don't know Linda well but Paul is fine IMO.

Much appreciated!

linda looks good too

Thank you 👍

The "M' doesn't look right. Are there any authentic exemplars of Paul with the "M" looking like that?


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