Lot of Michael Jackson signatures... real or fake? (Forger Erick Oswaldo McKay, Erick Mckay Burgos) marc-at2014, always-4-fun, bluelifesaver, disneycolector eBay names

Hope I'm asking this in the right section...
I've recently bumped into this person's little collection of MJ sigs...


My concern is that all those sigs look too similar... I'm thinking they're signed by the same person, but I'm stumped as to if they're really Michael.

Thank you for any opinions/help in advance.

MODERATOR NOTE:  All of Erick McKay Burgos' art folders on Deviant Art have been removed by him after being outted here.  They were screen captured before his removal and are listed below.   Please use them to reference as you read through this thread.

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Not the first time we've ran into bringincadiback. 

They had this item for sale a few yrs ago...  with this story:

The woman I purchased them from got them directly from Michael. Her cousin worked at Never Land for Michael.

And another Erick.

They're down to a $100 starting bid now.

 He's no better than the forger that screwed him over.  Actually he's worse.

bringincadiback (Joe Brat) managed to get 1750.00 for the Erick piece.   A big profit since Erick always sold "low".


Unless these fake items were 'fake sold' by shill bidding...

Erick McKay is back to using the "bluelifesaver" account for forgeries.  Here is a Jimi Hendrix he sold for a whopping $107.50....

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jimi-Hendrix-autograph-/232023355564 (it can be clicked for close up view)

He fools MJ fans easier and obtained $ 609.00 on this item  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Michael-Jackson-I-am-Peter-Pan-autograph-si...

And $609.00 on this one  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Michael-Jackson-drawing-signed-with-COA-/23...

Whenever Erick gets bored he dangles a carrot for us to post here on the forum, and more than likely my guess is that he on the forum again as well (I would bet all the money I own on it, and then some). 

Fake 'Beatles' drawing with forged MJ signature from 'bluelifesaver'

$49.95 start

With Toby L Stoffa Antiquities International at Forum Shops Caesars Palace COA- However the COA does not appear to be signed by Mr Stoffa.


You are looking at one of a kind autograph of the king of pop, Michael Jackson, his own drawing of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

This is not a copy nor a preprint or auto pen, 100% real, measures around 8X8 inches.
I ship worldwide, here in the USA shipping is $6.95 for priority mail with tracking number.
Outside the country shipping is $45.95 (actual USPS price for priority mail with tracking number and insurance.
Any questions please ask me.
Thanks for looking.
No reserve price!!!
I'm not taking any bids from buyers with less than at least 10 feedbacks.

Up to 106 already. Using a fake Antiquities COA?   Who would want to use theirs.   Heres an example right now of one of their "MJ" drawings - at a bargain price of 5995.00 http://www.antiquitieslv.com/michael-jackson-signed-sketch/  What a bunch of junk.

Here are similar type drawings... with the smudged pencils signed by Erick

And of course his other Paul drawing he sold in the past yr

Recent Lennon and McCartney drawing sold for $139.97 plus $49.95 postage

Joe Hendrix really really missed out on the deal of the century!  (ok the deal of the week for a forgery).   He must be ticked off that he paid 609.00 each for his!

More MJ fakes from bluelifesaver:

3 'signed' photos and a 'signed' piece of paper, all for $29.95 starting price:


Michael Jackson set of 3 autographed photos, 100% real and genuine 1 single auto

 I am selling a set of 3 photos autographed by Michael Jackson.

Real autographs, no copies or pre prints, auto pens or secretarials.
Also with this set comes one single autograph.
Photos measure 4 X 6
single autograph measures 4 X 4
'MJ signed' circus advert, $29.95 start:
Michael Jackson autograph The King Charles Troupe
I am selling a single page from 1979 from the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey signed in black pen by Michael Jackson.
The page measures around 16X16
I will ship priority mail only no exceptions.




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