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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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Sold out

Anyone check out? CD shows in stock but won’t ship to my address in NY 

Won't let me checkout either... says same thing won't ship to my address. I tried 2 different ones too. 

Usually he offers to bootleggers first wonder if this goes live in the morning

Went live at midnight for everyone, vinyls sold out in about 20 min, cds, in about 45….must be a glitch in their system to show any stock

Wonder if Luke signed a lot less this go around after his team got all those accusations of auto pen/fakes last go around after his signed items stayed in stock for awhile 

What does the bootleggers comment mean ? Sorry

just means the free fan club you sign up for on the site, after I logged in it let me add one to the cart but the same thing, won't ship to my address in the US., i wonder if it just isn't live yet

Did anyone receive an email confirmation for their orders? I can't find mine, it shows on my Shop App, but nothing in the email that I used.

I got confirmation on my order by email. I ordered at 12:03 AM 

I hate that I missed these

I hate that I missed out too.  If I remember correctly, there was a restock on the last album the week of release last time, so maybe we will get another shot.


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