I thought I'd share a PM encounter.
Today, in London outside his office in Soho sq i saw Macca. I was the only person there, and i had a copy of one of his solo CD's for signing (Ram). He came out and said very politely that he does not sign there ('because this is business' i think he said, or words to that effect). 'But in can shake your hand' he said, and did so before getting into the car. 'And thank you for being a fan' he ended with. Nice. He was great. Of course, i have seen him sign there many times over the years, but less recently. This is the first time i have actually heard him say he does not sign there, so i suppose this is relatively new. Anyway, as a genuine fan, it was great to see him today - he's a class act.

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Well that's a good question Adam... ;-)

We would have just kept it on the car. It was our autograph mobile!

Great story, Ricardo! Have you ever asked Macca for a photo opp, btw? Or does he completely refuses such requests?

Thank you. No I've never asked for a photo. In the past i would see him happily pose for photos for the fans outside, but he won't do this now. Attached is a photo I took in the 80's i think, whilst he is signing for fans outide his office in London.
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Aside from the occasional "Pal" variation, Paul stopped signing for the public in the summer on 2013. The lead-up is a long story (ask someone who tried him about what happened at Dulles in July 2013), but those who went for him can verify this. I spoke with Mark Hamilton, one of his security people, at an event in 2015 who confirmed that he stopped, and that it's mainly due to his stuff showing up on eBay. You're thinking, "His stuff was on eBay before 2013! Why didn't they see it until 2013?" I don't know, and I didn't ask. In 2013 or so, an article came out that talked about this issue. Paul and his team referred to seekers as "bounty hunters".  On a personal note, I miss meeting Paul, because he was always cool and gave out nice graphs. But I do NOT miss the hassle leading up to it. One could almost write a book about the shenanigans that went on at those airports. Perhaps I will one day...

Like Neil Armstrong, Ringo Starr, and others, he became more leary of seekers and aware of the business, causing him to virtually stop.

There was a charity auction in recent years. "Meet Paul before his concert, and get your copy of NEW (his CD) signed. No other memorabilia will be signed". The winning bid was around $25,000. If someone paying $25,000 to a charity (through a auction supported by Paul) can't get their Sgt. Pepper LP signed, no one else will, either.

Paul has always been nice. So was Neil Armstrong. He just will not sign anymore.

You are wrong, he has signed as recently as last summer for Nick Maas and I believe a few others. He doesn't sign as regularly for sure, but saying with a definite will not or has not is incorrect. I wouldn't blame anyone who still tries.

Where did he sign? What version did he give out? (I have no idea who Nick Maas is.)

Exceptions prove the rule, though admittedly not in-person. A story to warm the cockles of the heart. I read about this yesterday in a Swiss daily by the way - the reach of the media can be incredible sometimes.


He signed for me and some others in 2014. I don't think he has a black and white rule not to sign anymore in public , but it's much less likely he will.
"Not on my private time."

He doesn't always stick to the rule, but usually.

His kindness has varied. He is primarily just a control freak. His rules only. Loves to stick his finger in your face and tell people no, and not in a nice way. He has mood swings. Primarily acts like a bossy school teacher, but then occasionally generous and happy go lucky.

The money is definitely a big concern, one of his band members said that to me. "He knows you are getting $500 every time he signs, and he doesn't like it."

He is right to call professional autgraph seekers bounty hunters. When your autograph is more valuable than mostly anyone on the planet, it's like your hands are wizardly. He can create money out of thin air for people, and people are hungry out there.

The guy needs a staff of 50 just to rake around his piles of cash though. Not to say he ought to be charitable, but he ought to be charitable.

No one really stops signing unless their hands stop working.
Rules are made to be broken.

Even Ringo signed recently.

Peace and love!
Peace and love!

Another freak, that Ringo.
..when did Ringo sign and in what circumstances ?

Invest_In_Graphs: As Adam pointed out, I did get Paul last year as well as 2014. While the signatures weren't his best, he did indeed sign for me as well as a couple others on both occasions.

With that being said, Paul has definitely signed a lot less since 2013. That seems to be the last year that he signed in large quantities, at airfields, etc. It is without a doubt the worst time to try meet him, especially if you're looking to make money. If you're a fan it might be worth it, even if you just get to see him. 

Attached are the autographs I got from Paul. 

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