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Just today I randomly thought about that it would be cool to also get Macklemore's autograph, now this :)

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I'm still waiting on 5 finger death punch here in the US.. do not trust their shipping unless its tracked

Man, no shipping to the UK for some reason. Shame.

I'm going to give my opinion on JB Hi-Fi. I've been ordering signed cds/vinyl from them for well over 12 years. They've had some really cool exclusive items in the past and hopefully moving forward they do in the future. Unfortunately the past 9 months or so things have slipped. Customer Service take forever to respond to emails, if at all and the signed part doesn't arrive with the item. At the moment around 70% of my signed orders are missing the signed slick/booklet. I know that JB like to get the cd/vinyl out on release date and sometimes the record companies can't supply the signed slick/booklet in time but most of the time you'll have to constantly contact them to get the missing signed item. This is my experience based on what i've purchased from them and others may have had better luck than me. I would also like to say that i can't recall a time when i didn't finally get the signed item. I will still order from JB but i will continue to make sure they improve their system so we all get the signed item first time.



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