I just purchased this Madonna piece. I would love your thoughts on it!

thank you!

- Brandon

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My opinion is this is either real or it could be a reprint. I've seen both versions being offered as real in the past. 

The seller had it listed then someone claimed it and didn’t pay. So if it’s the one from

a few months ago it’s the same one.

If it's live ink, it's authentic. imo.

Wait a minute. I take back the genuine opinion. Compare it to this one. Which is the real deal. Notice the difference?

My fault. Trusted my memory too much. I would steer clear of the OP.

What does OP mean? Also the one you sent me is very similar to the one I posted but not exact 

The OP is the one you posted. The second one is absolutely genuine. And, if you take a close look they have a couple of noticeable differences. 

Maybe Madonna signed a thousand of these and got tired? The original signed photo is much more rushed and sloppier compared to the confirmed authentic one. Best bet, seek Kamran's advice. He would know for sure.

Is this one that Kamran owns?

The one I posted probably is.

Gotcha.  This might be a job for our friend Kamran.

its 100% real




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