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200 left

The last 200 have gone much slower than I expected.. 59 left

I got 2.  I think she will be a big star one day. 

Sold out!

I got one. Been slow on the releases (I have actually bought) lately so this was nice and I appreciate all involved in getting the word out and Jason's enthusiasm which screamed at me to buy one. It's vinyl so I didn't see any downside.

Lol I am a little biased when it comes to her.. I was in a pretty bad place mentally for a while last year and her EP always made me happy. It got me through a tough time that lasted a little over a month.. when you compare her to last years break out olivia rodrigo, maggies lyrics seem a bit immature at times.. it might be the only thing holding her back. I still love her songs for what they are but im hoping she can dive deeper lyrically at some point.. if not, her music is still really fun and I do think she will continue to rise irregardless.


Sold out again 

Wierd..Maybe they just sent a link to order to people on their email list. I'm still able to order....

That’s the standard lp, not the signed one.

Haha.... Damn weed!

just saw one of these pop up on ebay. the LP is still sealed but it looks like these might not actually be signed. Its listed as having a signed print included.. This means she only signed a print or an art card for her debut album.. I'm a bit bummed.. was hoping at least one of the releases would actually be signed on the item


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