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I think the days of having a chance at getting a nice full signature are largely over, but here's the preorder link from Newbury.


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Already forgotten, lol

She’s at Banquet Records next week so keep an eye out for any Personally Signed options. That’s your best chance of getting more than a MR!

She actually signed MR on the last signing she did with them, though at least that offered an option for more handwriting.

Album's not out for a few weeks so it may be too soon, but fingers crossed.

If they become available in the box where you can put a personalised message put “Maggie Rogers”!

If anyone's going to these outstores, she came out to the queue and was shaking hands and chatting to people. I nearly picked up a sharpie and an album this morning - wish I had as she was definitely around long enough and would have signed. D'oh.

This was posted on Umusic Canada's site.

Personally signed copies available from Banquet Records

Maggie Rogers - Don't Forget Me [Personally Signed] | Banquet Records

There you go guys, you know what to do! You need to be quick as she’s there this evening.

Not sure why it’s LP only and no option for personally signed CD’s.

I just had the very same thought - particularly given they’re shown in that image above ^

It’s also such a shame they dropped to 30 characters…

Also worth noting the album doesn’t come out until mid-April, so I imagine Maggie won’t be signing them today anyway…

I sent a message to Banquet Records regarding no CDs they replied “the CDs aren't back from manufacturers yet, sorry”.



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