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Are these two autographs original? Thank you. 

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 someone? please 

Only just saw this post.. The Harry Potter one is a no for me, looks very slowly written and almost forced and no natural flow.

The second one I am on the fence with, the first part looks okay but the last part looks strange, any idea when/ where this was signed?

thank you very much, unfortunately I do not know where it was signed and when, so in your opinion the Harry potter is not true while the second could? thank you

 The autograph was collected in London by the seller

Perhaps best to wait for a more typical example?

thank you very much for the advice, do you think it could still be authentic?

Hi Cristina,

Your responses are getting cut off here. I only know what you asked becaise of the email I got telling me you responded.

I would be guided by Dan's opinion. You want to collect typical autographs that don't cause questions such as these. "Could be" is nowhere near as good as a "slam dunk". 

Thank you very much for your advice.

You are very welcome. I've a friend with a Maggie Smith signed PC - the UK type with the white border at bottom. I'll see it he still has it.



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