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Thanks, hopefully this time it will be signed by all four members and not just one of them or anyone else signing the band name. 

I was disapointed  last time ! 

Finger crossed. 

Available via Amazon Germany and Amazon Spain also:



I'll put up a pre-order, but cancel it if getting to know this isn't nice.

The amazon.de is out of stock

Thanks! I love jpc!  (limited to 1 per customer)
The amazon.de is also back.

Now I overbooked this album.I will keep the amazon.de and jpc ones.

Can't wait to seen them live in February. 

Looks like they''ll have to sign a lot of inserts, it's available from Fnac too


Anyone know if FNAC ships to the US? I'm having trouble finding the "switch to English" prompt on their website if it exists and can't make it through the French but sure would like to order this via FNAC. In any event, thanks for the link Sam.

Anyone worried that they’ll pull the same thing as last time where they just write “Maneskin” on the Vinyl and call it a day?

In story hours ago. On the good way for the 4 members Will signing.


Seems like it's "Maneskin" with a heart, no?

Thanks for sharing


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