Doesn't look good to me but I am not an expert.  What do the experts say?  If fake, are there any tell tale signs of where this originated from?

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You're right, Mark, it's not real. In this case you don't even need to know Mantle's autograph to be able to tell.

This was printed on a color inkjet photo printer. They came out the month Mantle died.

Look at edges between his uniform and the background, and the letters and the uniform. The edges are made up of dots, not a smooth line like regular photo lab printed photos. 

Click to enlarge

Thanks for the reply.  I just texted the owner of this gem.  They sent me a text back stating this pic is now in the garbage.  Doesn't want it to get in the wrong hands and some sucker pays a couple hundred bucks for it on Ebay.

Please thank him for us!

Yes, this is fake and there are too many tell tale signs to count.

I so agree. Not good!!

It's a never seen before mantle photo & I think it's a very rare forgery don't see a forged signature like that one very often....He should have kept it. It's one of one.

When I first saw it, I thought of Greg Marino's forgery.

Were Marino's forgeries generally that hideous (the one on the ball)? If so, how in the heck did he get away with it for so long?

That's a great question, Woody. I guess back then they weren't really considered hideous, because there wasn't anything to compare it to. Or word didn't get around and there were no resources like we have today, where it's a lot easier to weed out the garbage. 

I sent him a message to dig it out of the garbage.  Reply back was that it was outside in the lidless garbage can and it was snowing.  




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