Came across this piece for $7500.00 Seems pricey!

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Thanks Christopher. When I saw the post and the price, I assumed it was a game used bat!  Then I clicked on the link.  Plus $250 to ship it!!

And it's still listed.

At least it will never sell at that price.

There is a subtle difference between 3 separate signed photos in a frame and 3 signatures on one photo.  I would think that the latter carries a premium.

The Mantle alone is worth 3 beans IMHO. Nice And the Fake Original posted piece speaks for itself. A HORRIBLE Forgery over priced by a dopey seller 10 times the price of a good one LOLOLOL

How can something be 110% authentic? Thinking 100% is the highest it can go. Only two percentages in this equation. It’s either 0 or 100%.

That’s hilarious, Rick! I am a retired director of statistical analysis and fully appreciate your point.  The experts here would likely argue that there is only one percentage and it is not a positive integer!

Then you’re familiar with W. Edwards Deming?  I really enjoyed Statistics in college.  I took Statistics both as an undergraduate and graduate student.  My undergrad teacher was an incredible professor but was very rigorous and demanding with both homework and exams.  Graduate school Statistics was a completely different story.  My grad professor believed in the teaching methods of Edwards Deming, the brilliant mathematician and statistician, who believed that if students did not have to worry about grades, their minds would be freed up to truly learn the subject matter.  As a result, in my Statistics graduate class, as long as you turned in the sometimes lengthy homework, you automatically got an A.  There were no exams.  That was the only class I ever had like that.  It was what you’d call an easy A.  Thank you, Dr. Deming.

you must have missed Stephen Duncan's advertising

He guarantee's everything 1000% authentic

Ya can't beat logic or statistical analysis like them apples ;) 

Like I tell my wife

Being logical I this highly irrational world should entitle me to a handicapped parking spot!

I like when boneheads say dumb things like 110% authentic like it gives you an additional 10% piece of mind that the forgery they are selling is even more authentic than something that is just normal authentic. That works on EBAY bargain shoppers or Craigslist autograph Hounds but doesn’t fly with “real” autograph collectors.

Four out of three people are bad with fractions.

Here's a forged Mickey Mantle bat with a COA from EAC Gallery.

This is horrid.



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