Box set and regular Signed Vinyl

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Damn sold out 

Seemed like it went pretty quick.

They’re not sold out, they’re just saving the rest for the too expensive bundles.

As far as I can tell, those bundles have an autographed Polaroid instead of an autographed vinyl. A worse autograph for more money.

don't know if this is new or a restock but I just noticed signed Cds for $30

thanks for posting, 

but am not liking the upcharge from these so-called "fan friendly" country artists (you too, Old Dominion).  

Bought her first CD signed from Amazon with no markup, and we're at least double the standard price here.  

Dan+Shay signed newest CD for $10 direct was more like it, and with so many artists forced off the road because of the pandemic, if they'd stay home and sign all their releases and then sell online at a "normal" price, so many of us would buy everything they offered.  Ok, rant over.

Yeah, $30 is more than I would pay as well but I know there are some country fans on here so figured I'd post it anyway. in a way I kind of think we have gotten spoiled by so many $20 or less signed Cds. years ago before this became a thing with them selling them cheap to try to manipulate the chart numbers, if you would have told me I could have an artist or band autograph an item for $10 to $15 more I probably would have been fine with it as a collector. but like I said they spoiled us so now $30 seems outlandish lol   

Sold out now 

Just got the signed vinyl this time 

This came today. Nice signature 



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