Hey guys! I just got started with my Autograph passion. One guy from Germany would like to sell me this Marilyn Monroe Signature for about 1200 dollars (1000 euros): He has also a COA from Alessandro Pippia (9th November 2016). On the certificate it says also that this signature was acquired in 1951 or 1952 at the Carlton Hotel in Beverly Hills. It also states that this signature is estimated to be worth about 9600 euros. I dont know I have seen also some Ebay offers and the prices total vary. Mabye you guys can be give me a price range for this autograph.

It says " To Carlton love and KIsses Marilyn Monroe"

I am not sure. The signature looks nice. The part Mari lyn is separated..there is also a dot on the i on Mari and the lyn part looks like a B or 8...the Monroe part is easily to be read and the e at the end has this long line...But could be also a GREAT forgery i guess hehe..what do you guys say about that oneXp

Here are the pictures of the signature, the authenticator how he certificates the COA  and the COA itself. Thank you guys for your help:))BIG THANKS:)

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here the last page of the COA..geprüft means authenticated

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Perhaps I misunderstand. He is offering you a signature perhaps worth 10,000 Euros for less than 1,000 Euros?

I just looked at it - not my Marilyn.

Some elements are not typical of most MMs, but that "lyn" is spot on for 51/52 and the inscription, which would be a very ambitious undertaking for a forger to nail, again, appears spot and fluid, proper for '51/'52. Bot saying it's good as of yet, just noting that if it isn't, and it got by Pippia, it's got a 50/50 shot at getting by JSA or PSA.

This is the right period for this style of signature. Paper and ink appear proper. it's right in the middle of that transitional time in her signature when the M's were still reserved and the "onroe" was fairly legible. By 1953/4, the M's became those overlapping multiple loop, Tasmanian Devil whirlwind Ms that everyone is more used to seeing. The backstory is plausible. I lean towards a thumbs upon first exposure. Now to "live" with it for a bit; coming back to examine and take it in further. Since this is a transitional period between two styles, it's not as easy a thing to judge by exemplars, but the feel here seems right. I'll be back to weigh in further.

I defer to your expertise.

No thank you

Nice touch the white gloves and magnifying glass -- pffffftttt

Haven't seen that sales pitch before -- don't want to see it again


I never let the showmanship factor in. There's more than enough ink there for the tell, smoke and mirrors or lack of them secondary although the back story is always helpful if it can pin down a time-frame. Forgers typically look for the path of less resistance. Less is more. Aim small, miss small. The more ink a forger has to expend in his effort, the more that can go wrong, which is why with the added inclusion here of the inscription, I mentioned it being an ambitious undertaking if a forgery. I'm still undecided. In the event that it is a forgery, the author did do his studying, because he's got that inscription down very, very well.

The inscription and signature are all too even and neat for me. The ink blobs might also indicate the hesitation of a forger - I have rarely seen ink blobs with MM.

Although the "valuation" is too high, no one in their right mind sells a well inscribed MM for less than $2,000. The light, magnifying glass and white gloves just kill it off properly.  


I did not get the ink blob thing..I saw a white spot on the middle of the paper..but what about the ink blob? heh Where is it?

BEWARE of it I was in contact with the seller. It is a scam in my opinion. This Pippia guy is a joke! He calls himself a authentificator/actor/producer and in my opinion he isn't good in any of these just search for him on youtube and you will have a good laugh on him. And the least I would trust him was to authentify a signature worth that much.

I told the seller I don't trust him and if he is realy interested in selling this piece he should get approval by Markus Brandes. He said no Pippia would be good. I told him to go see his website that says all. He refused and offered me another Monroe he has in his possesion even cheaper. That all was about three month ago with him claming I need to buy fast as he has many many requests and interest on the autograph....

This is either a big scam or the most stupied seller ever.


That's a polite word for it...

I rest my case...



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