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I would love members opinions as to

the authenticity of these signed Marilyn 

Monroe picture?

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I don't think Marilyn autographed it. Let's see what others think.

As many time as she wrote it correctly, I hesitate to think she would have spelled "Kisses", without the third 's'. And as if the misspelled inscription alone doesn't sink the Titanic, that achy, breaky, shaky middle of that Marilyn goes a long way to explain the whole sad story of deceit and deception. lol

Very poor forgeries imo

See what our resident expert Pauline says

Pauline in her opnion thinks it’s the real deal.

She asked me to sound out other members.

Well I would take her word over mine

Odd signatures 

Yes I just wanted to be sure even though

Pauline in her opnion was happy.

Hence putting it out to the forum.

If Pauline likes it it's probably good. The signature is unusual but I can see a lot of traits in her handwriting.

I still don't like it, unless it's from the final, closing, erratic years, and parts of it chronologically signal to me that it's not.

I find it quite similar to another example from between that era and 58 - she did stuff up Kisses quite a bit. I think the M loops could be pointier, but there are many good points of reference on this.

Pauline you are my go to gal

But those "lyn" in Marilyn look really weird in the OP ones

Yeh, it is a bit of head scratch. If it's not real I am quite impressed. Impressed that the signer exposed themselves to write an inscription as well, something that doesn't make the item more attractive. However, there are pretty much no uninscripted Marilyn photos. The trouble with MM was she was really changeable, her personality in fact, typical Gemini.

Her, definitely authentic signing of just "Marilyn" to Travilla, her dress designer reminds me of this one a lot. It is uncommon to have a total break between the Mar and ilyn. But there are a lot of examples.

This one needs a good going over. There are odd things, but the overall spidery aspect is good. . . .

Dear Pauline

I'm going to pm you tomorrow about this

I'm exhausted from the Nirvana thread

Damn I need beers more than anything right now haha

Talk later



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