Thinking of purchasing this signed LP. Any thoughts? I feel as though it's legit, but would like some other opinions. Thanks!

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Hi Jeremy. Mark has a very unusual autograph, but this one is not good, IMO. I’ve met him several times and gotten signatures every time, and all are consistent but look different than this one. It’s missing some of the smaller details. I guess it could be very rushed, but it looks “off” to me. I have an extra signed LP I obtained in person if you are interested. Just send me a DM. Thanks and good luck in your search!
What do you guys think of this one? Looking to purchase a couple, one for a gift and one to add to my collection. This one is from kruk cards and has a JSA. I checked the number and it's right. Any thoughts?
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Looks good imo
I don't like this one at all
I decided not to go for it. Thankfully this website and its users are awesome. Found out this was from the seller "sportsmmore9999". So thank you everybody for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Just can't believe these fake sellers have so many positive reviews. Crazy how they keep getting away with it.
Hi Jeremy. Good call on not buying the one in question. I just sent you a DM in response to your request.

Here is an authentic Knopfler (and John Ilsley) obtained in person when they were here in Finland.

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I've never seen anything close to a legible Knopfler autograph.  Always heard it was some form of symbols or hieroglyphics.  I got one many years back at a long gone venue but don't recall what that one looked like and probably sold it back then.  The only time I have gotten him or tried since was Sept 2016 arriving to the venue, I was the only one as others had left.  And this is the autograph he gave at the Dallas Majestic.  Very similar to the magazine within this thread, and the orig sig in question a little similar as well.

Based on Juha's attached autograph, it looks like Mark signs "M Kpfr" in single markings on mine and others.



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